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Website ownership :

Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara
64220 Ainiza-Monjolose

e-mail :

Website :        Tel. : 05 59 37 18 82


Publication Director : 

MrELOSEGI, Iker as quality cooerdinator: e-mail:

Editorial Responsibility:

Mr ELOSEGI Iker as quality coordinator

e-mail :


Coordination, Conception and Direction :

Ekko Communication
SARL registered at the RCS of Pau

Communication Agency : Plurimedia

Technopole HELIOPARC
2 av Pierre Angot
64053 Pau cedex 09

e-mail :

Website : Tel. : 05 47 92 89 02


Webhosting : 

Ekko Communication, server OVH

SAS registered at RCS de Roubaix
140 Quai du Sartel
59100 Roubaix

Tel. : 08 99 70 17 61


General Conditions 

In conformation to article 6 III-1 of law n° 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 in confidence of e-commerce, we thus inform :

The website has been made available by «Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara»,  with reserve of unconditional acceptance of the notices in the present document.

User acknowledges the present conditions in the respectful utilization of said document.

However, these notices are not conclusive, nor terminated.  And legal rights mentioned in and used by « Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara» are not limited to these present dispositions.

« Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara» is not the least responsible for other uses brought about by use of this website, directly nor indirectly. They make neither guarantees nor support of other uses.  They cannot be held accountable for damages therefrom, directly or indirectly, notably loss or distribution of damaging information resulting from accessing this website or other linked websites.

 « Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara» is not responsible for damage or loss (including , all not mentioned in this inexhaustible list) of profit or loss in relation to material read or used. This includes loss of information, temporary or permanent, in relation to the users computer which could have occurred by :

  • Accesing or navigating the website
  • Use of information on and pertaining to this website,
  • Copying or using other information obtained from use of this
  • « Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara» is not responsible for the fraudulent intrusion nor use or dammages resulting from trying to modify given information, their loss or or eventual dammages.  In such a case, however, we do ask and thank you for contacting us at:

« Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara» does not guarantee freedom from virus in relation to this website.


The website user of is understood to have verified the computer configuration necessary to use said website  contains no viruses and is in perfect condition.


Hypertext Links 

The hypertext links directing the user to other websites, certain written and unwritten  authorization of expressed content.  The personal links by visitors of, « Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara» have no authority over content or use of this website nor its links and cannot assume authority for guarantee or responsibility for its contents or their use thereof..

It is understood by the user to participate in all cautionary and precautionary measures to combat the absence of any indicated viruses while visiting this website. All requests for transference of links pertainable to must be made in writing to the webmaster by sending an e-mail to:



The website user has been informed that upon his visiting of this website, cookies can automatically be installed and can be temporarily registered within the users memory or hardware.

The user is has been informed and authorizes such use by « Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara», these cookies can be disactivated by the parameter settings in each individual’s computer.


Diffused Information On This Website 

The information on this website is indicated for general visitor use.

Good and well that « Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara»  takes careful precautionary measures to assure the source of its information, they are without any guarantee, explicit or implicit of the information, its validity, and urges the user to do his own personal and additional exhaustive research

In consequence the users assumes all responsibility for use of information found on this « Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara» and pertaining to its details by updating information and correcting it without written consent of it’s use.

IN, however, diligent we are, errors and ommissions could occur.In such a case, we would be pleased if the user would bring such to our attention at the following e-mail address : In consequence the user recognizes that the information given remains his responsibility.


Notices Relative to the Protection of Data and Personal Character.

In vertu of legal obligations, no personal information is collected, given, or sold to suseauent third parties.  In addition no personal information will ever be mentioned on the website without notification to the actual person or party.

In conforming to rule " Informatique et Libertés "n°78-17 of 6 january 1978, the user does have the right to access, rectify and suppresses any and all data concerned within this website.

However, in exercising such right he is thus requested to contact:

The present website has made a simple request for a registration number CNIL (Numéo en cours de distribution). The user will find such information in regards to access and rights and the rights to protection of individual data on the website of the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés :

The user of is held accountable for respecting information and computer law, to information files and freedom, for which there are penal consequences. He is hereby given notice for his responsibility in relation to all information collected and used, in a general manner, in regards to all suspected acts in regards to the violation of privacy and the reputation of individuals.


Intellectual Property Rights

Everything contained on this website is subject to French national and international copyright law regarding intellectual property. The photographs, the text, drawings, images and all other intellectual property belongs to « Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara», and all third parties must request written verification by « Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara »  for use of all content.

The authorization to reproduce the documents contained on this website is given in condition of clearly stating the source  clearly and visibly.

The coordination of the graphic charter and development of said website was done enacted by Ekko Communication, a multimedia communication agency.

Ekko Communication can in no way be held accountable for any element on said website.  Including all content such as : audio, video, text, written or graphics furnished by the Director of Publication: Mr Iker ELOSEGI

All copyright law is reserved  (including copying rights) and including, downloaded documents or iconographic and photographic representation.

Partial or total reproduction of copyright material is formally forbidden,  without express written verification and permission by the Director of Publication. The violation of one or any of these copyright are punishable by law.

The data in contained within the website of are protected by disposition and Law of July 1st, 1998 regarding Intellectual Property Code, and by the European Mandate of March 11th, 1996 in relation to the legal protection of data and information.

In all cases of legal dispute the parties will attempt an amicable solution.

In the absence of an amicable solution the case will be tried in the legal courts of Pau.

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